MVPcs Skin Template discussion

Sep 23, 2013 at 11:58 PM
This is my first real attempt to publish something for DNN and I thought that I'd try some skins first. So this is basically how i start my skins and wanted to create a point to witch i can start most of my new ones from without having to recreate the base every time as I have been doing, how every up until know they have all been for specific clients. I figure that this would save me some time probably a half to full day, as well as having a common point at which I can eliminate some common rush issues in the debugging area of the skin. I am also working on a html 5 version, responsive, and mobile.

Sense I’m doing this as I have free time I’ll try my best to answer any question as quickly as I can. Also feel free to leave comments and suggestions too.
I’m still updating the demo site but I figure that something to show was better then nothing at all. Hope I’m right.